Details You Want To Know About Blue Diamond Rings

Diamond Ring is one of the most desirable, exorable, fabulous and precious jewelry one can ever have. It is such an important symbol that the focus point of most memorable movie “The Titanic” is blue diamond necklace, which is called the heart of the Ocean. Today, they are among the most luxurious and popular gemstone jewelry.

A mine slave found the rarest blue diamond in 1698. Later on, it was bought by Thomas Pitt who was the grandson of William Pitt by whom Pennsylvania was found. That diamond was colorless with lean blue ting and was sent to England for it’s cutting thus result in excellent cut stone, 140-carat rich diamond which was bought by the Duke of Orleans in 1717 later on and renamed the diamond after his name. French royal family members and Bonaparte of Napoleon used it. Today in Louver Museum, it is the French Royal Treasury.

It is a universal fact that diamond rings are so rare and expensive that usually people cannot afford it for a single second. They are far higher in cost as compared to other colorless diamonds but blue diamond really means a precious jewelry. They are only used by royals, kings, queens and other members of princes.

The symbol of diamond ring is The Hope Diamond. Usually, it is set in platinum or in white gold but blue diamond also becomes invaluable and striking in appearance in yellow gold as well. In styles, there are many famous like solitaire, a triangle cut, a step cut and with 58 facets. In 58 facets style, it will give a diamond most glimmering and sparkling looks when anyone will wear it in the ring. They are mostly liked and worn by princess and duchess. Today blue diamond rings, which are available, are often treated or enhanced.

Sell Diamond Ring

You might have encounter the motto “A Gemstone is forever”. This displays the sentimental facet of gemstones that is certainly lacking with other belongings just like automobiles, motorboats, and houses. Selling a diamond ring, nevertheless, is sometimes needed as a result of economic stress as well as other factors. It is sometimes required to press the “Sell Gemstone Ring” button on a jeweler’s web page. Appropriate instruction is needed for selling your diamonds at a good price.

The particular starting point is actually being aware of its actual worth. If your diamond incorporates a grading document coming from GIA, AGS, or another main laboratory, advertising is a little easier. Should the opposite be true, then you should look for a completely independent appraiser to gauge and also establish it’s probable importance and quality. If you try to sell at a greater price than other diamonds with the same features, your diamond will be hard to sell. It’s important that you’re practical. Online retailers can help you to price your diamond. Do not associate the really worth of the diamond with those of pricey jewelry merchants that typically double the wholesale costs of their jewelry.

Once you are sure of the prospective cost, your next challenge is actually determing the best retailer. The options usually are numerous but make sure you will make a worthy amount off the transaction and do not have to take too many risks. The closest pawnshop or jewelry store can be your initial place to talk to. There are numerous web brokers which engages in acquiring gemstones coming from people. Always do multiple checks on the business before sending them the diamond ring. Read some reviews, call the office of the business, look at their BBB ranking, and search them online to see if there are any big complaints. Maybe even call one of the past clients if possible to make sure the web broker is an honest business. Also, if the price offered for the diamond is too good to be true…it probably is.

Classified ads inside neighborhood classifieds along with message panels in the office or community center might be a more appropriate solution to advertise diamond wedding rings. These methods are long shots but they could pay off. Even after the agreeing to sell to a certain person, you need to work out proper care when transacting business with the person. Don’t trade your diamond for a poor personal check.

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Home Shop 18 Jewellery Shopping Buy Jewellery Online

Today many Online Shopping malls offering best designer and fashionable jewellery in india anywhere. Homeshop18 offers best golden, silver, pearl and gemstone jewellery. Have a look below some details about designer jewellery.

(1). Power Bracelets Model No: PB008


Green Quartz works well to open and stabilize the Heart Chakra and promotes an intuitive capability which is coupled with love
Benefits: Heals the pain of the past & maintains wealth

(2). Heart Shaped Diamond Pendant

Product Details:

S-269-P Real Diamond & Gold Heart Shaped Pendant. Gift this beautiful pendant to your loved ones. The Diamonds are set in 18 kt Yellow gold.

.Diamond Pieces: 1 pc, Diamond Weight: 0.07 Carats
.Diamond Color: White H, Diamond Clarity: SI3 eye clean
.Gold Weight: 1.750 grams, Gold Purity: 18kt
.Dimensions: 2.00 (with hook) x 1.40 cms

(3). Varadata Pendant Model No: AVG00473

Lord Ganesha’s Eight Powerful Boons manifested through Eight Divine “Ishtadevta” Forms with spiritual “Vedic Beads” crafted in 18K Gold and Fine Diamonds.

.Gold: 18K
.Gross Weight: 3.84gms
.Philosophy: Varadata symbolizes Purity and Wish-fulfillment with Tulsi Bead: It represents Lord Vishnu and is also regarded as one of the greatest Natural Healer.

(4). Sterling Silver Amethyst and Peridot Pendant

Production Description:

.Gift this beautiful bracelet to someone special
.Metal Type: 925 Sterling Silver, Rhodium Plated (Nickel Free)
.Gemstone(s): Genuine Emerald, Shapes & Sizes: Amethyst Trillion 6.00mm
.Peridot Marquise 4x2mm, Total Gemstone Weight: 2.40 carats
.Item Weight: 1.30grams (Approx.), 18 Silver Chain Included

(5). Sri Jagdamba Wonder Pearl Set

Product Details:

Wonder Pearl Set: Wondrous & impressive button pearl set of gold chakris and cz stone and a pair of flower shaped Ear tops.

. Pearl Size: 3-5 mm, Colour: White, Shape: Button, Type: Fresh Water Pearls

. Base Metal: Gold Coated Silver & CZ Chakris

. Mala Length: 18 inches

(6). Bella – Sterling Silver Jewellery (CZ) Bracelet

Bella is Sterling Silver with CZ and semi precious stone.


.Silver Purity: 925 KT, Gross / Silver Weight: 12.40gms
.All weights are indicative, Product image is indicative
.All Bella products come with certificate of Guarantee.

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Summer Jewellery Trends What’s in vogue

Jewellery is still one of the hottest fashion items. The right jewellery can make any outfit for both females and males. Most men will wear at least one piece of jewellery from a wedding ring to a watch. While females will normally have some form of bracelet jewellery, rings or necklace.

So how do we choose what jewellery to wear? Well at the end of the day it all comes down to personal taste and how we believe others will perceive us. Gold used to be the most popular of styles for women but has over the years given way to silver. The most common being the silver bracelet or silver necklace. Bracelet jewellery allows a person the ability to personalise their look while keeping it subtle. Often keeping the bracelet jewellery hidden under clothing.

The silver bracelet like the charm bracelet is a prime example of this. Allowing the wearer to customise it fully to express their individuality. But it doesn’t have to stop there. Often people will wear these charms on necklaces and attach them to other items. Bracelets can also be used to create attention and style. Often a silver bracelet can be joined with other bracelets of the same style to create a more noticeable item.

The necklace is also a common choice to emphasize the neck area. Drawing attention towards the face. Necklaces come in thousands of styles, from large pendants to small elegant diamonds and range in price. Often sets are worn on special occasions which compromises of a silver necklace, silver bracelet and silver earrings.

Finally the ring, the biggest gift of love. From the extreme love of the wedding ring, engagement ring to the more given promise ring. Rings are used as an ever longing symbol of love and friendship and are most commonly given as a gift from a friend or lover.

How do you choose your jewellery? Do you prefer the gift of jewellery or to choose your own items? The possibilities for style and choice are endless . .

Princess Cut Diamond Ring Deserves To Be Flaunted

Diamonds are admired by all women. Women love to wear diamond jewelry be it a ring or a pair of earrings. Having a diamond ring means having something to flaunt to others who dont have that. Generally diamonds are bought on the occasions of engagement, wedding anniversaries or other special days of love. Therefore, every minute detail about the shape of the diamond, its brightness etc matters.

Diamond rings are generally preferred in round cut shapes because it is believed that diamonds remain brightest in their original round shape while other shapes alter the brightness of the diamond. But, it is not true. The new princess cut shape diamond rings are getting more popular among women.

Princess cut diamond ring first came into being in 1970s. They are a perfect blend of both traditional round shape and rectangular shape in one design. Princess cut diamond ring are the perfect alternatives for round cut diamond rings. The name of the ring itself suggests something special which means if you buy a princess cut diamond ring for your girlfriend or wife, she world surely love it.

Princess cut diamond ring is square shaped ring unlike the usual round shape. It has the optimum brightness although it has a unique shape. It comes in many sizes. The square shape diamond adds an elegant look to an otherwise ordinary diamond ring. Another advantage of buying a princess cut diamond ring for your lady is that it allows many fallacies and flaws of the stone to be hidden without compromising with the beauty of the ring.

The princess cut offers around 76 facets and this is why it offers you more brilliance. A girl would love to have a princess cut diamond ring because it gives her a chance to make her friends envy of her as she has something which is unique and very different from the usual round shaped diamond ring. This type of diamond doesnt waste much of rough diamond so that the diamond retains most of its original carat weight. This clearly indicates that you need to spend less for this kind of stone. What else you need?

Since the princess cut diamond rings are beautiful and inexpensive than the ordinary round shaped rings, they are much in demand these days for engagements or other wedding ceremonies. Princess cut diamond engagement rings originated around 40 decades ago which means there is a possibility of getting an antique design. But, it should be kept in mind that an antique design would exclusively be expensive.

Before making a purchase, three general points should be taken care of: cut clarity and color. The price is not always important. Sometimes, bargaining over certain bucks may lead you to buy a flawed diamond. Setting of the diamond is very important. Therefore, before buying a princess cut diamond ring, make sure that you have chosen an appropriate setting for the diamond you have selected according to your tastes.

Jewellery Display Stands

Jewellery display stands are the stands that are design for jewellery. Almost every girl and women wears jewellery and have great problem of storing their jewellery securely, they like to organize their jewellery by using stylish stands to display their jewels. If you store your jewellery in a jewellery box your jewellery parts entangled and become damage. So to secure your all type of jewellery you can use jewellery display stands which help you to organize your jewellery and keep them safe. Not only girls or women need these display stands but it is also important for salesperson which has their own jewellery stores. Because to sales the jewellery right presentation of every product plays a major role in catching the attention of customers. It is essential to show the product in a beautiful way that attracts the customers. jewellery display stands play a vital role in displaying the product beautifully. You can use jewellery display stands according to your need. You can store all type of your jewellery on these stands like necklace, bracelet and earrings of any size.
Variety Of Jewellery Display Stands:

These stands are available in different styles, sizes, colors and for different types of jewellery. There are separate stands for rings, necklace, bracelet, bangles and for earrings but you also find a common stand for these all type of jewelries. Jewellery display stands are available in different materials like metal, glass and plastic, it depends on you to choose the right one that can showcase and secure your product. These stands are fancy and sparkling because of which they add charm to your room and protect your expensive jewellery not only from rubbing but also from loosing their shine. You can find a good variety of jewellery display stand in market and in online stores.
Why You Buy Jewellery Display Stands?

Jewellery needs to be stored and display in a proper way otherwise it become damage so to keep your jewellery safe stands are the best option as they keep each and every jewel separate from the other so that your expensive jewellery dont get scratched. As your valuable jewels are precious so dont treat them carelessly, otherwise you lose loveliness of your precious jewellery so always use jewellery display stands to store them.
You can easily find hip and chic jewellery display stands to store your rings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces and earrings from any online store and you can also buy them from any jewellery stand shop
Jewellery Display Stands

Silver 925 Jewellery ! Perfect Metal For Jewellery Manufacturing Process

Silver the popular metal from ancient time for production of Different items from household article to Jewellery. & from centuries it is still the same the reason behind is elementary. Silver is pure & ideal to manufacture Jewellery & it’s the exclusively & value in it. The very elderly trend indicate that silver 925 prices are keep increasing from the very past. If you look in term of India in some area people use silver 925 coin as money. they use to make Ring , Earring , pendant, Bracelet , Necklaces & brooches.

When they tell in term for Silver Jewellery now days it is segmented in one type of Jewellery. First is plain silver 925. Jewellery of 925 sterling silver Jewellery because only texture, hammered & other effects has been given to make jewelry. From centuries this form is keep changing. Now days people make designer silver 925 Jewellery like leaf, animal, natural pattern on Jewellery.

Second pattern is Silver Jewellery studded with real precious & semiprecious gemstones. there is vast type of natural gemstone are obtainable like garnet, citrine , amethyst , peridot , iolite , rainbow , labrodorite, blue topaz, rose quartz, black onyx & precious stones like diamond , ruby , emerald, diamond , sapphire are also use. By using these stones it work primary as fashion & trendy silver 925 Jewellery . & secondary people also love to use them & wear them as birthstone silver 925 Jewellery.

Third patter in silver 925 Jewellery made with glass, Swarovski & cubic zirconium. In this it is studded with stones but they are affordable & best quality looking gemstone. For very large production it is used. They look like same as natural stones. But they are very affordable.

999 silver is purest form of silver. As per Sterling silver 925 means 925 % pure silver 925 Jewellery which is consider best in Jewellery production. Some & alloy & copper is mixed in 7.5 % to make silver 925 soft to easy to manufacture Jewellery.

When they try to find then they have major production source of silver 925 Jewellery start with Bali silver Jewellery (plain Silver & Turquoise & coral Jewellery ) , Thailand silver 925 Jewellery (plain silver 925 Jewellery ) , Nepal silver 925 Jewellery ( Handmade silver 925 Jewellery ) , Indian silver 925 Jewellery India (plain & gemstone studded silver 925 Jewellery with real precious & semi precious gemstones from unique ,antique & handmade & handcrafted fine sterling silver 925 Jewellery Major source is Jaipur, Rajasthan , India ) , Mexican silver 925 Jewellery & Poland silver 925 Jewellery (for Amber silver 925 Jewellery ) & plenty of others.

Company: Yiwu Dushang Jewelry Co.,Ltd

Address: 3f,No.13-15,Building 4,A zone,Futian jewelry street,yiwu city,zhejiang,china(322000)


Get A Truly Dazzling Radiant Cut Diamond Ring To Impress Your Beloved

Diamond is one of the most popular gemstones for an engagement ring. Nowadays various online dealers are available that offer a wide array of certified loose diamonds in various cuts and shapes including round cut diamond, princess cut, radiant cut, emerald cut, oval cut, pear cut, heart shaped and marquise cut diamonds. Round shaped is the most classic cut and it is popular for all types of diamond jewelry. Princess cut usually has a square or rectangular cut and has 74 facets that give a brilliant sparkle. Radiant diamonds have straight vertexes and cut corners. Emerald cut is usually rectangular and the external sides having different shapes.

Marquise cut diamond has 56 facets that give an elegant and soothing touch to jewelry. Online dealers offer exclusive collections diamond jewelry including bracelets, bangles, earrings, studs, watches and other beautiful accessories. If you take 3-4 loose diamonds simultaneously, the dealer also offer discounts on it. There are lots of advantages of buying loose diamonds that you can check the gemstone properly, order for your customized jewelry and it is cost-effective as well. Oval cut diamonds come in varieties of length to width ratios and you can get the gemstone that is very tall and narrow or almost circular in shape.

Diamond cut and shape is the important decision when you pick the right diamond for your customized ring. These rings are something that you cherish for the rest of your life, so you should make sure that the wedding set or engagement ring is the perfect one for you. Oval cut diamonds have the similar brilliance like round cut diamond. However, the elongated shape is mostly preferred by the women having small hand or short fingers. Oval cut diamond rings are quite popular these days for engagements, birthdays, Valentines Day and anniversaries. An oval cut diamond has rectangular facets that make the jewelry look more beautiful.

Moreover, Radiant cut diamonds are quite popular for jewelry as having a distinctive cross pattern form. When the light passes through this gemstone, it gives a marvelous sparkle and shine. It looks like a round brilliant cut and emphasizes the natural clarity of a diamond. Radiant cut diamonds also hide the natural flaws to the greatest possible extent. This diamond cut looks beautiful even with lower certification grades. Its radiance is uniquely amazing in jewelry and loose diamonds both. It gives a fiery look to the centerpiece in jewelry settings. You can see the distinctive diagonal cross pattern in certain areas of gemstones. It looks truly beautiful and attractive with all types of jewelry. So, say I love you to your beloved with fascinating diamond jewelry.

Designer Jewellery For All Occasions

Many different events and occasions call for different types of designer jewellery to be worn. If it is a formal occasion the type of designer jewellery you may choose to wear could be a beautiful pair of designer earrings that has been perfectly crafted out of precious metals like silver and gold. This piece of designer jewellery will be a stylish contemporary design that uses many stunning precious gemstones in the unique design like Rubies, Diamonds and Garnets. Depending on the type of dress that you are wearing you may want to wear a simple string of beads. This could be a string of luminous pearls, as this type of designer jewellery will never date and can look amazing with a classic black dress or something that is more colourful in design.

If it is a friends wedding that you are going to then the piece of designer jewellery that you will want to be choosing will want to make a statement and like the dress that you choose will want to match so the piece of designer jewellery could be a matching set of designer bracelet and earrings or maybe you may decide that you want a designer jewellery set that consists of necklace and designer bracelet. There are many of these pieces of designer jewellery around and I am sure that you will be able to find just the right piece in the correct colour to match that special wedding dress.

It could be a very special date that you are going on and there for you want to create the right first impression. You do not want to make the wrong first impression so just one piece of designer jewellery will be enough. You can wear a pretty pair of designer earrings, maybe a plain stud designer earring that has a pearl in the centre. A piece of designer jewellery will make a lasting impression with people.

When it comes to investing in a piece of designer jewellery it is wise to find pieces that will fit all occasions that you may attend. If you choose your piece of designer jewellery wisely it can also become a good investment as well as something that you can love and treasure and enjoy wearing for many years to come.

It maybe a summer picnic that you are getting dressed up for and you want a piece of designer jewellery that is fun and will suit the beautiful fresh colours of the summer outfits. Lovely pairs of designer earrings that have been made from crystals and pearls that will move and catch the sun light. Or stunning designer bracelets and designer jewellery that has made from beautiful handmade glass beads and are available in every colour for you to think of. Long and short necklaces that have shells and pearls threaded onto silk thread to create beautiful pieces of designer jewellery that will compliment that colourful summer dress that you have just purchased for yourself.

Buying A Diamond Ring As Anniversary Gift

Anniversaries are festive occasions especially for couples who have been together for such a long time. With the divorce rates skyrocketing in the country, it is a blessing to be able to hold on to a marriage for more than 10 years.

What more fitting gift for such a special event as a brilliantly cut diamond ring. This is the perfect symbol of a love and commitment that lasts a lifetime.

But with hundreds of designs to choose from, how do you buy the perfect anniversary diamond ring for your special someone? Here are some tips that hopefully will help you cut the chase.

1. Determine how much you can spend

Let’s face it. A diamond ring for an anniversary gift is not exactly cheap. Compared to the usual romantic anniversary gifts like flowers, chocolates and even a candle-lit dinner, a diamond ring is way above most people’s league. Even if you combine the budget for all three, you will still not come close to the price of a diamond anniversary ring.

While in search of a diamond anniversary ring, it is important that you have your budget with you to help your narrow down the choices.

If you don’t have the budget, better save up for the next anniversary year. This is better than buying something that you cannot afford. You will only end up knee-deep in debt or giving your loved one a cheap-looking ring.

2. Determine the design that you want

Although there are literally millions of designs out there, there are groups of designs that will appeal to your spouse. For instance, antique and Victorian rings will appeal to people who are into the romantic periods or those who love old things. There are also more modern designs that make use of a variety of new cuts not only in the diamond but also in the gold.

3. Determine the metal

Remember that you are not only buying the diamond. You will also be buying the setting. Decide what you want to buy, whether it is yellow gold, white gold, silver or platinum. In choosing one, refer to the kind of metal that your spouse usually wears. If majority of his or her jewelry is in white gold, it is good to buy a white gold diamond anniversary ring to better fit the rest of his collection.

4. Determine the size

Unless you want to ruin the surprise and have your spouse select his or her gift with you, you’d better research on the ring size. It would be really unfortunate to buy a ring that would not fit.